As a child I loved the diagrams in science text-books; the underlying patterns of life, described and delineated.

Magnetic fields, bee-dances and bird migration; feathers, atoms and cells. Copying in my exercise books, I was immersed in a world beyond the surface of everyday 'reality'.

Later, in the writings of Blake, Hesse and Rilke, punk rock and LSD, I found experiences that resonated with mine.

I still keep notebooks. Drawing is a conversation with myself; a way to work-stuff-out.

My artworks could be described as 'diagrams of the sub-conscious'. Akin, though not in a deliberately, to the 'Thought Forms' of Theosophy. RB


‘Art is a fruit that grows in man like a fruit on a plant or a child in its mother's womb’. Jean Arp

Rebecca Bramwell

Born 1961, Newcastle, England.

Grew up in Chester

St Martin's School of Art, Fine Art (painting) 1980-83





Pop-up at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, Kent

Private view 6-8pm 11th October


03.19 Lumen the Cosmic Sublime. The Pie Factory, Margate, Kent


11.18 The Line Project, Miami US

06.18 Invited artist. Hythe Artists Annual Exhibition, Hythe, Kent

Work in private collections in Europe and the UK.